Pressure Restricting Valve

Pressure Restricting Valve

Pressure Restricting Valve ITEM CODE: NFF-LV-PRT


> Designed to reduce excess line Pressure.

> Simple and can be used a stand-alone pressure restricting device

> The opening of the Valve is Controlled which restricts the volume of water and thereby lowers the pressure of water

> Valves are similar to Standard Landing valves but with a specially designed mechanism incorporated into the stem and bonnet to limit how far the valve can be opened. The valve design has no ability to reduce outlet pressure under no-flow conditions.

> If low supply pressure conditions should arise the adjustable gauge stem can by overridden by removal of stop pin that would allow full opening of the valve and unrestricted flow of water.

> Unlike pressure regulating type valves, pressure restricting valves have no effect on the static pressure of a system.

> Gunmetal Construction for Corrosion Resistance and Sea Water Application

> Available in Valve Size 1.5 Inches and 2.5 Inches

> Inlet – Flanged or Threaded

> Outlet – Threaded / British Standard Instantaneous / Russian Gost / Storz