Hi-Expansion Foam Generator (MK2)

Hi-Expansion Foam Generator (MK2)

Hi-Expansion Foam Generator (MK2) ITEM CODE: NFF-FE-FGMK2


> FRP Casing for Corrosion free Mechanism

> Unit mounted on Wheel for easy Transportation

> Fan mounted on the shaft of Water Turbine

> Built-in Foam Induction System

> Foam Induction 3 % or 6 %

> Suitable for All types of Foam

> Foam Expansion Ratio of 1:400 to 1:1100

> Special By-pass Valve arrangement to control Back Pressure

> Can also be used as a Foam Extractor with optional Collapsible Ducting

> Nylon Net for Foam Expansion is standard accessory supplied with Foam Generator

Item Code Description Total Water Flow @ 7 bar By-Pass Flow @ 7 bar Expanded Foam Expansion
By-Pass Valve Closed
220 LPM
132 cubic m/min
500 to 750
By-Pass Valve Open
230 LPM
Aluminum 85 LPM
145 cubic m/min
800 to 1100