FB 2X, 10X 20X

FB 2X, 10X 20X

FB 2X, 10X 20X ITEM CODE: NFF-FE-FB (2X. 10X, 20X)


> Designed to perform well with all types of foam

> Designed for low expansion foam applications with expansion ratio of 1:2 to 1:12

> Standard version without inbuilt induction and pick-up tube for use with premix solution

> Inlet connections – BS 336 / BSP threads / GOST / Storz / American Rocker Lug

> Control Valve optionally available

> Available in Straight / Dome pattern


Item Code Description Flow @ 7 bar Material of Construction
Without In-Built
225 LPM
Aluminum Stainless Steel
Foam Inductor
450 LPM
Aluminum Stainless Steel
Foam Inductor
900 LPM
Aluminum Stainless Steel