Dividing Breechings

Dividing Breechings

Dividing Breechings ITEM CODE: NFF-FT-DB


> Single Water Supply Hose divided into Multiple Hose lines for enhanced water delivery

> Standard version without Control arrangement

> Controlled versions are available with Ball Valve or Screw Down type valve for each dividing line

> Swivel Connection available on Request

Inlet Outlet connection Lines Material of Construction
4 Inch 4 Inch British Standard Instantaneous Storz Coupling2 Way Gunmetal Aluminium Alloy
3 Inch 3 Inch Russian GOST 3 Way Gunmetal Aluminium Alloy
2.5 Inch 2.5 Inch American NST Rocker Lug BSRT Threaded 4 Way Gunmetal Aluminium Alloy