Class F Pressure Regulating Valve

Class F Pressure Regulating Valve

Class F Pressure Regulating Valve ITEM CODE: NFF-LV-PRV


> The class F Pressure Regulating Valve combines features of a Hydrant V alve and Pressure Control Device.

> Designed for Applications like High Rise Buildings, High Pressure Lines in Oil & Gas, For Assemblies requiring different pressures for Optimum working, Long Water Mains etc

> Helps in maintaining Uniform Range of Outlet Pressure irrespective of its LocationEliminates the problems faced by the Fire Fighters of sudden surge and decline in pressure

> hindering the effective control of Hose Line.

> Expensive Pressure Relief Piping is eliminated

> Field Adjustable Pressure Regulator that could be tuned to meet Individual Floor level pressure requirements.

> Spring loaded Balanced Pressure reducing Mechanism.

> The main advantage of Pressure Regulating Valve is controlled outlet pressure irrespective of Inlet Pressure without compromising the Flow

> Gunmetal Construction for Corrosion Resistance and Sea Water Application

> Design and Construction confirming to BS:5041