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Why Choose Newagefireretailer

Over the years, we’ve grown steadily to become a major trade supplier, installer & integrator of Fire extinguishers, Fire Tube Suppression, Fire Hydrant Items, Fire Alarm System and safety equipment in the INDIA.

We know the fire protection and prevention business inside out, so if you need advice or guidance about any product or fire safety application, one of our experienced team should have the answer.

Our product portfolio ranges from Fire to Safety and from Fire Safety Equipment to Personal Protective Clothing. These products are manufactured by some of the world’s leading brands including Gunnebo -Minimax – Sweden, Securiton -Switzerland, 3M-Scott Safety- United Kingldom, Teledyene Kanex, Safex and Newage Fire Fighting Equipment.

We are well known genuine supplier and respectable distributor, integrator of Fire & Safety Products for numerous reputed clients across the India and some countries. We proudly serves MNC’s, corporate customers, hospitals, educational institutions, small businesses and individual customers everywhere. We strives to offer exceptional services and supports many fire and safety product lines and our objective to be the best. We create strong bonds with our customers and make finding solutions the priority.

We supply to all types of customers including Resellers, Universities and Government Organisations. industries that we supply to include Oil and Petrochemical, as well as the Marine industry.

The staff we have an excellent knowledge of the products, with many years of experience gained by helping customers choose the correct products for their individual applications.

What factors should be consider While selecting fire safety services

1. Experience and Expertise: t is essential to choose a company with a proven track record and experience in the industry. The company should have qualified and experienced staff who are knowledgeable in fire safety equipment installation, maintenance, and inspection.

2. Accreditation and Certification: Look for a fire safety services provider that is accredited and certified by recognized organizations. Accreditation ensures that the company meets the necessary standards for quality and safety, and certification shows that the staff has undergone the necessary training and have the expertise to handle fire safety equipment.

3.  Range of Services: Fire safety services should offer a range of services, including fire risk assessments, equipment installation, maintenance, and training. This ensures that all your fire safety needs are met by one service provider.

4. Quality of Products: Choose a fire safety services provider that uses quality fire safety equipment from reputable manufacturers. The equipment should meet the necessary standards and be tested and approved for use.

5. Responsiveness and Availability: In case of an emergency, the fire safety services provider should be readily available to respond and provide assistance. Choose a provider with a quick response time and round-the-clock availability.

Our Mission

At Newagefireretailer, our mission is to safeguard lives, properties, and communities by providing cutting-edge fire safety solutions. We strive to be a trusted industry leader, delivering innovative products, expert consultation, and exceptional services to our clients. We are dedicated to creating a safer world, where the risk of fire is minimized, and the impact of fire incidents is significantly reduced.

Our Vision

Our vision at Newagefireretailer is to be the premier choice for comprehensive fire safety solutions globally. We aim to set new standards of excellence in the industry by continuously pushing boundaries, embracing technological advancements, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. We envision a world where every individual and organization is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and systems to effectively prevent, detect, and mitigate the risks posed by fire.


At our organization, we hold an unwavering commitment to fire safety and preparedness. We understand the devastating consequences that fires can have on people, property, and the environment. Therefore, we have implemented rigorous measures to ensure the highest level of fire protection throughout our premises and operations.

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